Healthy Built Environment Linkages: A toolkit for Design, Planning & Health

The Population and Public Health team at the BC Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA) has, in partnership with the Healthy Built Environment (HBE) Alliance, developed the Healthy Built Environment Linkages Toolkit. The toolkit is a ground breaking evidence-based and expert-informed resource that links planning principles to health outcomes and identifies the behavioural impacts (e.g., walking and transit use) and environmental impacts (e.g., noise and traffic safety) that contribute to those health outcomes.

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 7.39.32 AM.png

The toolkit summarizes the evidence for planning principles that can inform healthier neighbourhood design, housing, transportation networks, natural environments, and food systems. One advantage with the toolkit is that it can support healthier communities by facilitating dialogue between professionals that share a responsibility for shaping healthier built environments.  

The complete toolkit as well as other healthy built environment resources are available at  

In addition to the toolkit there is a link to a brief fluid survey intended to gather information about whether and how people might use the toolkit.

The development team would greatly appreciate it if the CARRFS community could take the time to complete the survey (if you happen to look at the toolkit!), forward the survey link when you distribute the toolkit, and also consider adding similar questions to the evaluation forms for any event where the toolkit is being used or presented.